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Blue Cheese Automatic is a flexible plant for both outdoor and indoor, which flowers in a normal setting with an enormous light output. The small size of the plant makes it ideal for terraces, balconies, or other environments where discreet growth is desired. The plant shows purple colors when the nights before harvest are cold. This is unique due to its early harvest dates outside. The yield indoors is 325 – 375 g / m2, and outdoors 60 – 110 g / m2. The buds are heavy, full of sticky resin and compact.

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Blue Cheese’s auto-flowering feminized plants love sunlight. It is therefore wise to plant them between mid-May and early June if you want to grow outside. Adding 30% coconut to the soil mix will stimulate aeration and root growth, and allow the plant to develop to its maximum potential. As with all automatic plants, Blue Cheese should be provided with small amounts of water on a frequent basis and have good, good light. Blue Cheese Automatic is a grower-friendly seed that has no special wishes and is not too difficult to cultivate.

Harvest within ten weeks

The plants flower in seven to eight weeks and are ready to harvest in about ten weeks. Outdoor growers can therefore harvest before the night frost arrives. The short growing season makes this plant a favorite of those who grow in fairly cool outdoor air; even a short summer is long enough to get world class Blue Cheese buds. The mature plants are small, but don’t let that fool you; in the harvest season they are full of sparkling buds that have a high THC content.

While the plant’s specifications are definitely a plus, many growers buy Blue Cheese Automatic for its excellent aroma and flavor. This strain offers you a perfect blend of the qualities of its parents. The buds are very aromatic and can be smelled throughout the room. You will notice a strong, sweet, fruity scent with a pleasantly skunky tang reminiscent of old school plants. Blue Cheese Automatic tastes like berries and herbs and has an aftertaste of mild creamy cheese. The plant is low in CBD but high in THC, and has a moist, rich, aromatic smoke with no hint of dryness. Its high resin and THC levels also make it a favorite among hash lovers.

People who smoke Blue Cheese Automatic report a relaxed, uplifting high with overwhelming tranquility. This plant is also called cosmic or cerebral for its effects on cognition and creativity. The plant is ideal to enjoy after a long day and to relax in an intimate social environment. There is no adverse effect to be found with this beauty.

This award-winning plant with its cheesy flavor and flexible growing conditions is a grower’s delight. The beautiful sparkling buds have been and are an absolute favorite of cannabis connoisseurs. Blue Cheese Automatic is a rewarding plant to grow and an ideal cannabis seed for the connoisseur.


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