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Royal Cookies Automatic redefines “cooking” completely. By combining the gastronomic Royal Cookies with ruderalis genetics, a unique hybrid has been developed. Indoors, Royal Cookies Automatic grows taller than the average autoflowering strain. Heights of 60-120cm are normal. These cookies are definitely not snack size. Royal Cookies Automatic is ideal for SOG growers. If you treat her right in the grow room, bizarre yields of up to 450g / m² can be achieved. And that in just eight to ten weeks from seed.



Bizarre plants can be grown outdoors in a warm climate, even during a short summer. The option to bloom regardless of hours of sunlight means you can harvest multiple batches of cookies from spring through fall. With plants capable of reaching heights of up to 140cm and yielding 130-180g / plant, even beginners can get a huge load of weed from cookies. Royal Cookies Automatic is mega powerful and flowers unprecedentedly fast. Grow up to 18% THC cookie buds in just eight weeks.


As a true cannabis dessert, Royal Cookies Automatic is perfect for connoisseurs after dinner. The buds are dense and covered with resin. The characteristic biscuit aroma and subtle aftertaste of the original cookie “recipe” have been retained. More importantly, the physical couch-locking effects hit you very quickly and last for hours. With 18% THC and a minimal amount of CBD, Royal Cookies Automatic is not only potent for an autoflowering variety; these cookies are deliciously intense!


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