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The Royal Creamatic is known for its intense flavors and strong physical effects. The legendary traits of the original photoperiod strain come together in an autoflowering cultivar. The Royal Creamatic therefore has a classic, sugar-sweet caramel flavor and is quick and easy to grow.

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The Royal Creamatic is a feminized autoflowering plant with an average height. The plant generally produces a large main bud with a few small side branches. The height of the plant after a short flowering period is 70 to 100 cm high, which is extremely suitable for smaller indoor spaces.

The Royal Creamatic can yield 165 gr per plant when grown outside. Indoors this can amount to 450 grams. After 12 to 13 weeks of germination, she is ready for harvest. The plant produces compact, resin-covered buds that have a fantastic taste and very relaxing physical effects. The Royal Creamatic has a manageable THC content of 15% and an average CBD content. This makes the strain perfect to enjoy on days off or later in the evening.


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