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For this strain, strong Skunk genetics have been combined with a ruderalis variety. The result is the most compact plant currently available, Royal Dwarf, with bizarre yields for its size. She only grows to a height of 40-60cm, perfect for a discreet guerrilla grow. In addition, this feminized autoflowering strain flowers in an extremely short time. Her intense aroma refers to the power hidden in her buds.

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Fast, Compact and Efficient

Who would want a bonsai plant when you can grow a miniature cannabis tree in a short amount of time and surf the cosmos? Her dense buds and naturally good resistance are even more attractive due to her short life cycle. In this way, the plant goes through the cycle from seed to harvest in 9-10 weeks. Ideal for the impatient grower!

At the end of the flowering phase, the resin-covered buds will leave a profound impression on any grower who didn’t believe in advance that autoflowering strains could actually deliver. Royal Dwarf produces fine yields of around 80g / plant when placed outdoors. When indoor conditions are optimal, she can yield 200g / m².

A Stimulating Cerebral Daytime Smoking Experience

Since the Royal Dwarf is an indica-dominant cultivar, it provides an uplifting and social high. However, that experience is mild due to the soothing and relaxing effect due to the Skunk genetics. You can’t go wrong with this low-profile strain that has been crossed to perfection by the team of experts at Igrowcan. Find out what’s possible today and explore everything there is to know about Royal Dwarf!


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