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Royal Haze Automatic has the best features of Skunk and Haze, packed in an easy-to-grow, autoflowering package. Our skilled breeders created this strain by combining 2 of the most famous strains ever: Kush and Amnesia Haze.



Amnesia Haze is on the shelves of almost every coffee shop in the Netherlands. This is the sativa of choice for millions of people every year. She is sought after for her fresh flavors, as well as for her effervescent, long-lasting high that boosts productivity and inspiration.
Kush, on the other hand, enjoys a distinctive indica heritage. She treats to a delicious stone that relieves tension and soothes the body. In addition, she treats the taste buds to rich, earthy sensations.

Effect, Taste and Aroma of Royal Haze Automatic

The high of Royal Haze Automatic can best be described as versatile. In addition to the THC, the lemony, vibrant terpenes are also responsible for an instant cerebral high in your body. Enjoy creativity, motivation and a desire to get jobs done.
Yet it also contains terpenes that lead to a stone. In this way it calms the mind and relaxes the body. The THC percentage is around 14%. Enjoy a smooth high without any risk of being overwhelmed.

How To Grow Royal Haze Automatic?

Royal Haze Automatic treats you to an excellent yield in a variety of growing environments. Indoors your plants will remain quite small. The height is approximately 65-85cm and the yield is around 350g / m². Due to their discreet size, growers can grow the plants quite easily in small cabinets and converted boxes and buckets.

Outdoor plants get a bit bigger, namely 150cm. Still, you can easily keep them small with low-stress techniques if discretion is important to you. Expect a final weight of around 180g / plant when growing in garden beds or pots.

The harvest time arrives before you realize it. This mega-fast plant rushes from seed to harvest in 12-13 weeks.


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