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Royal Critical Automatic is the best of the critial but faster. It has a THC content of 14%, which is not extremely potent, which some consumers like. The plant is suitable for use during the day to stay productive and focused, as well as at night before going to sleep. The high gives a relaxing and euphoric effect much like the effects of the original crital, but with less risk of couchlock.



The Royal Critical Automatic automatically switches to the flowering period, you do not need a light schedule for that. This plant is therefore easy to grow and particularly suitable for novice growers who want to try the critical. But experienced growers are also pleasantly surprised with the large and compact buds. At the end of the period, they give off intoxicating aromas such as scents of wood, spices and sweetness. After 11 weeks, the Royal is critical to be harvested.

The plant grows to about 55 to 65 cm high, small and rough with an open structure. This has the advantage that more light can fall on all parts of the plant, and therefore higher and better yields. This can amount to 165 grams per plant.


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